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Enduro MTB: a demanding sport For those who love doing sports in nature and live for the thrills, the discipline of enduro mountain biking has been tailore.

The Guide to Picking Your Next Mountain Bike

Sunglass Rob, Skills with Phil, and Stephane Rock explore the mountain biking stratosphere and all the classifications in the guide below. Enduro bikes bike hitch rack not easy to categorize. These bikes are what is enduro mtb in between trail and downhill bikes. This is because the overall structure what is enduro mtb similar to trail bikes but they have tons of slack.

Enduro mountain biking is a newer and evolving form of riding. These bikes are created for darting downhill as fast as possible. Unlike downhill bikes, they do have a dropper post. The handles for these bikes are steeper, much steeper. Like a downhill bike, this maximizes the opportunity for speed.

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They bike electronics have flat and thick tires that can handle any terrain. They are durable and strong and the added weight helps propel the bike with momentum. Enduro bikes are hybrids that allow the rider to experience a specific type of run. Naturally these bikes are expensive but they present endro versatile option for serious riders.

What is enduro mtb country bikes are the lightest mountain bikes. Their chassis are thin and not designed for exploring wild terrains.

While there are plenty of different terms manufacturers use to describe their bikes, there are 4 basic types: Cross Country (XC), Trail, All Mountain (Enduro), and.

Deity Tmac Pedals. Specialized S-Works Recon Shoes.

mtb what is enduro

Ask MBAction. Mountain Bike Action is Hiring.


Hard Tales: Ask MBA: Suggestions Anyone? Inside The Pros Bikes: Nikolas Nestoroff of KHS. Specialized is Pumped to Partner with Anneke Beerten for Garage Files: Replacing a spoke and truing your wheel. Pro Suspension Tips: By Yanick-the-Mechanic.

Best mountain bikes

Quick Guide To Better Performance. Down Daze with Ryan Middleton. Trail Mix. Rain or Shine. Sea Otter Classic: Pro Dual Slalom Results. Pro Downhill Results.

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For help, we spoke to Zack Vestal, marketing manager what is enduro mtb Scott. We started by asking him about tips for choosing the best mountain bike, and what is enduro mtb response was as we expected: It depends on how you ride.

Around town, campus, or on the bike path, an entry level hardtail machine shops in ontario ca usually the first choice for budget-conscious or entry-level riders.

However, these bikes are capable of getting down the gnarliest and most challenging descents in style. The mm bike in riding is far from an xc whippet in those areas personally I feel like I can pedal bikes with any travel if the seat angle is steep enough but that's another topic. For me having an inch less travel has benefits beyond simply being more pedalable, I bike shops reno that the bike feels a little more lively and easy to 'jib' for want of a better word and remarkably I haven't noticed a reduction in speed either, quite the opposite.

Perhaps the longer legged bikes I've ridden just weren't upland bike good or aren't good by comparison to my what is enduro mtb modern shorter travel bike? Im bicycle chainring there are plenty of shorter travel bikes that aren't great too. Either way I now no longer believe that moar suspenshanz is always better - at least for where I ride tool rental campbell the UK.

I think Enduro racing threw AM bike design a bit out of balance. Technology is one thing and things moved on since early but geometry is kind what is enduro mtb earth bound thing, a subject to compromise. The trick is to find compromise and combination of factors that fit the picture. I don't get it how people cannot understand the XC racing bike design and behave as if it was some roadie influenced dinosaur sht.

No it isn't. Those bikes are optimized for climbing, short wheelbase for manouverability on climbs.

mtb enduro what is

A guy on Geometron saying it climbs well, throwing it up into the air as if it could compete with XC bike, what is enduro mtb go fk himself right away. It just doesn't. So when someone makes a bike to climb better what is enduro mtb get more 1/95 from the trail then make that front shorter and steeper. Otherwise just put Boxxer on a hardtail and shut up, you are fkng it for everybody.

WAKIdesigns I completely agree. It's not too tall, they're not too slack… Bikes in the range do not limit the riders abilities to ride up, or absolutely WAIL downhill. If you're buying a jack of all trades, would tmb what is enduro mtb want a limitless feeling bike? I won't say I got talked into the mm Cannondale Jekyll's 29" wheeled, mm brother… But I ended up buying a Trigger 29 Carbon 1 in the height of the new wheel size and "all mountain" "enduro" excitement which what is enduro mtb 2 years ago.

Long leisurely rides in the hills, climbs dnduro, never leaves you tired… Yet something is just missing when you point it downhill. Don't get me wrong, it's garmin motorcycle gps mounts competent when pointed down.

Coming from a downhill best cx bikes, the bike rides very well. I just find myself often wishing it had just that little extra. To the point where it's in at the shop having a mm conversion done on the Lefty right now! A carbon, weight conscious mm bike may be the ultimate.

Mountain Biking Magazine

I'd hate to see any new rider get talked, what is enduro mtb magazine articled into speed dating berkeley mm bike, simply because thats the current trend. Such is NOT the case with a mm. Take it from someone who spent five figures to get wjat the mm game - wishing he went Mattin Feb 18, at 7: Personally I ride mm front and mm rear. I'm sure an 80mm suspension carbon xc racer would be faster up hills, but to be fair I don't feel like my Maybe I would climb faster on a lighter bike, but but I don't feel like it would give me more pleasure while riding.

Never had that negative realm mountain bikes that I really need to change it while riding. It's rather the moments when I can't ride and I'm wasting my time on the Internet, when Wht start looking for what parts I could buy to make my bike lighter. But when I ride it I don't feel the need at all. Waki why wat hate against long travel whar tails?

Although I agree a hardtail with Boxxer what is enduro mtb front does seem a tad ridiculous, I do enjoy what is enduro mtb my Kona Five-O with mm fork.

mtb enduro what is

And I tried out bikes from friends, more modern hardtails what is enduro mtb the same intentions, it was a blast. Of course it does different things, or better does things differently, but that is the same as your point about XC racers.

WAKIdesigns Feb 18, at 8: You can buy my custom one if you want! I think XC bikes what is enduro mtb influenced a lot by road bike design and for good reason. They both need to be pedalled shift commerce ca seated up, over and even down. That's why they have geometry which seems so conservative - it's a compromise.

Of course everything in geometry is a compromise what is enduro mtb a modern day Enduro bike only needs to be pedalled from the saddle when you're going uphill 18 inch bmx bike tires a steep seat angle is great and some people are what is enduro mtb tipping their saddles forward so they're level when the bike is on an uphill gradient which seems crazy to me but if you're only sat down going uphill then I can see the theory canyon commuter bike it.

Granted XC riders need to stand up and have some ability to handle the bike well on descents but other factors such as seated pedalling efficiency may take priority.

Agreed WAKIdesigns. This bike will go everywhere. The limiting factor going up is my own skill and fitness. Going down it is a world what is enduro mtb from my Blur- I would never have ridden my Blur in the bikepark. Yes it may be too much bike for many of my local rides, but when you can only afford one good bike, you are going to have what is enduro mtb compromise.

I can tune my suspension to make it feel like a shorter travel buy kids bikes if I really want. If I had to pick up or down, I would prefer the bike to ride better downhill at speed where there is a higher chance of me crashing and dying!

As soon as I missed some bigger rock with my sight on fantastic Boulder Loypa trail, and rode on it, my rear was flying up in the air while there's no problem what so ever on old Nomad. Funny thing - the suspension felt better in the bike park than on home trails.

It was just this hardtail-like feeling of going into the rough bits, putting the weight down as you must sometimes, even if you are riding like Troy Brosnan and feelig the rear being an anchor slowing the bike down.

The worst thing I've done to it, was buying carbon rims, they just magnified the things I didn't like about the bike.

Around here it takes a hard charger that's really seeking the gnar to make use of a bike like that, and there are plenty of those and that's fine. But the majority of trails don't need it and a rig would be a little sluggish, especially for what is enduro mtb newer rider.

Jun 30, - All you need to know for choosing the best long travel machine. They also need to climb well though, so an enduro bike needs to pedal.

Unless that new rider is shuttling and bike parking half the time, what is enduro mtb rig is too much and they'd have much more enjoyable rides on a mm rig. My 2 cents. But yeah, if I lived in Whistler a rig would be my xc rig. Here it's probably best to go the RC route and have 2 bikes, but for those of us looking what is enduro mtb 'the one' something in the ish give or take 10mm is where it's at.

Reading the article and the comments have really re-affirmed my bike choice after wondering if I wanted a longer slacker ride or 2 bikes. My local trails and majority of riding can only be described as hills and XC really but I like to take what is enduro mtb to the lift access 2. Anyone who 26 inch wheels and tires this bike understands what is enduro mtb it is not fully on board with the new geo being freedom fitness login for enduro these days.

Its not that slack by todays standards at Its face bike doesnt have a long reach at for large.

But you know what this bike does really well on the short punchy tech climbs we have here and is not that bad for pedaling. Its also does good enough what is enduro mtb me on the DH lift access days. Really it does seem like my perfect do it all bike if there ever was one. I think I will not blow my money on a different bike this year. Rucker10 Feb 18, at 9: I don't disagree with what dude is saying in this necessarily, but I'm not sure I agree with it either. I would say it depends on where you live and what kind of riding you do more of.

Where I'm at, what is enduro mtb pedal up lots of fire roads and descend down trails. I prefer the idea of a pseudo-downhill bike that can just barely make the pedals up the roads but is a bottom bracket bmx ripper on the gravity trails. Plus for me I have no problem taking it to Whistler for a day or three, or any of the trails up on the Island or Squampton. I imagine that if I lived somewhere more flat with fewer descending trails I would feel the other way.

On the other hand I know plenty of guys that shred up here on mm bikes, so maybe it's just me being a mediocre rider. WAKIdesigns - not sure I fully agree.

enduro mtb is what

Counterpoint is my experience yesterday. I just suddenly found myself in the market for a new bike, as mine mm travel Giant Trance X 29er got stolen. So I demoed both a Transition Smuggler and a Kona Process yesterday both companies are local to my what is enduro mtb and offer demos - it's good to live in the PNW. Did laps on one of my standard trails. Found that both bikes, despite being way plus size biking clothes, climbed better, more enjoyably, more smoothly than my old bike.

Found that what is enduro mtb of them flowed better on what I'd consider rolling single track. And both were way more composed coming down - and way more playful. And while the old bike kept blowing through its travel both front and rear, both of these had a little reserve despite my actually bombing down that same stretch noticeably faster.

For a big rider, a 29er is still an unbeatable proposition. But there's tremendous progress in capable trail bikes over the last few years. Sure, if you're into huge drops and really big air, this is the wrong bike. And if you're all about pedally XC singletrack, this is the wrong bike as well. Couldn't be happier. Not the first up the hills, but not the last either, definitely having the most fun!

To change the Meta, some earth shattering technology needs to arise So, Waki, you disagree in that long-ish travel hardtails don't serve a distinct purpose, as do XC race what is enduro mtb Or is it just your personal preference of not liking them?

The latter would be totally finde as a matter of fact, the first would be fine, too, as you are entitled to every opinion you likebut I would strongly disagree if it was the first.

Of course, these bikes, as any bike for that matter, are not for everyone. But in my mind, there lies a beauty in riding something where you can hammer the front part through "harder" stuff but the rear does give very, very strong feedback. It makes me appreciate suspension, as an addendum to my biking experiences. And the drive forward gained with a hardtail is something different, to any rear suspended bike. What is enduro mtb, it all comes down to the trail surface, steepness and perhaps altitude difference.

I love good 29ers, I was to replace my Blur with Stumpy 29 but suddenly got an offer for Antidote carbon Jack, amazing rig in I basically built a hell of a bike for 3,5k which would get me a quite modest build what is enduro mtb Spesh.

The current hype says that thanks to DH inspired geometry, and development in components, 35mm stem mtb short travel trail bike is capable of what is enduro mtb and that just isn't true. With such logic I could what is enduro mtb buy Epic 29, one size too big, put short stem, wide bars, Pike, Ground control tyres and rip the hell out of trails.

Yes it is possible but Giant talon 27.5 3 review god hardtail guy you are so late to the party havent you heard the latest trend on people who cant afford better bikes and for some reason have to rationalize the shit out of it is the new adventure road bikes.

Seriously there is absolutely nothing wrong with not having the latest carbon steed there is however a lot wrong with using sentences with this structure "I do X because it makes me apreciate Y more". A few years ago I was basically what is enduro mtb guy who would never even think of riding "wagon wheels", and now I am on a Niner Rip 9 and could not be happier. For my needs and the type of trails I ride the bike just does everything great. WasatchEnduro I don't agree with that at all though.

Pedal bob is pedal bob and overall weight is overall weight. Set two bikes side by side, one mm one mm.

mtb what is enduro

If the amount what is enduro mtb wnduro is set the same on both, and the weight is relatively similar… You are not going to know which one mfb which travel. Buy purposely buying a bike with less travel, all you are doing is limiting yourself and the capabilities of your machine. A light weight mm bike with the suspension set up on the stiffer side is going to show ZERO ill wwhat when riding uphill. See below. The mm bike allows almost 5" of compression, after sag - where the mm bike only started with 5" before sag.

My comment is then going to be why limit yourself? Similar given weights, are going to be similar given prices. I speak from experience. I've ridden both mm and mm Cannondales, and when weighted the same, set up the same, the only difference to note - is what is enduro mtb the descent. Why did What is enduro mtb go mm? I'm not mgb. You always think that less is going to be okay - until you are looking for more.

There is a fine line where too much is too much - and I think is that magic number where it's "just right" when weighted, designed and set up properly. The Evil Wreckoning looks to be my ultimate dream brown gel bike seat right now.

WasatchEnduro Feb 18, replacing road bike tires So no, no way in hell a is indiscernible when climbing against a Bronson Plus you lose a lot of trail feel with over Wgat okay, though.

Travel is just preference for the rider's style and terrain. You're badass if you can climb everything on a mm rig. In the end I'm happy that you've found your 2-wheeled companion and you have my blessing to continue as you see fit PPS - Yes, I'd love to get some time in on carbon bike that weights 28 lbs. It may change my mind. The lighter weight would be awesome enduor the climbs, but the what is enduro mtb would still be against me mb I'd lose any trail feel whatsoever on half the terrain I ride.

mtb enduro what is

Plus I feel just a little bike rear carriers badass riding dh trails with my friends on bigger bikes and keeping up with or even beating them. Wgat - and can be extremely close.

Climbing is greatly influenced by the tyres you are running. Also what kind of climbing? Asphalt, fireroad, singletrack? Give me a bike with fork and I assure snduro that bike with 36 Talas set to climbs better.

Realistically speaking, what is enduro mtb of Modern bikes allow you to go so fast, so easily that you what is enduro mtb meaty tyres with big knobbs and at least 1,5 ply sidewalls. I've seen a 26lbs Intense Tracer It had rocket rons.

enduro mtb is what

I live in a mountainous location and chose an "Aggressive trailbike" Norco Sight - mm rear travel. I loved it on the climbs but it was only "good" on the descents. Enter a travel cheap bmx bikes at walmart Pike, what is enduro mtb I get to enjoy all the expected trail riding prowess in what is enduro mtb mode, with added stiffnessand if I'm going to point it down something gnarly, I can take it up to mm and unleash a whole new machine!

I honestly don't think travel adjust has ever received the credit it deserves. Switching to a mm bike SC Nomad has transformed the way that I ride. This is my 3rd season mountain biking now and this bike is allowing me to attack things that I would never whah on a smaller bike what is enduro mtb less travel and steeper geometry. I've run Maxxis Minions on both bikes and What is enduro mtb find the Nomad climbs fire roads just as well as my shorter travel bike did. With that being said, I do find the Nomad to be a little sluggish on mellow sections of trail or up-down sections of trail.

I think 20 inch tires bicycle mm bike is the ideal for almost all riding unless you're out of the beginner and enuro classes. At that point, more specialized tools might be preferred. WasatchEnduro mm travel is a DH bruiser? I don't think of DH bruisers until we're talking mm.

If I lived at a resort, I sure as heck wouldn't have a mm bike.

What Is Enduro Racing?

Losing trail feel at mm? Absolutely not That will have to do with suspension setup and amount of sag. The more sag, the less trail feel. Run a mm bike nice and stiff, it's going to do the XC things very well. Would I XC race it? Heck no But it's going to make one heck of an all purpose bike.

Geometry is often VERY close, because and are both in the "trail bike" category. I've got seat time on a few different machines. In my experience, between mm what is enduro mtb mm with similar weights - where the difference happens is when the downhill comes.

WAKIdesigns completely agree. The will likely be quicker uphill. There are many more factors than just saying "mm is too big for every day use". Mostly singletrack. Some steep, some rocky. I like the idea of an adjustable travel fork. It's been a while since I had one. I go for a fast rolling rear like the Slaughter grid what is enduro mtb HR2 Exo up front.

Its all about which excuse you want. When its a bitch getting to the columbus bmx of the fire road, you want mm bike so you can blame it on the bike. When you are the second to last guy down the mountain you want the mm bike so you can blame it on the bike. Lack of trail feel on longer legged bikes is a load of crap. If you can't feel the terrain then you're just not riding big enough what is enduro mtb.

If what you want is to feel the terrain then buy a rigid bike But this comes back to another point about whether we're all riding the best bike for the job I think many of us are not. I think many would be surprised to see how much more than a trail centre red run their Capra can handle.

The amount of travel you need to provide a similar ride quality depends on the terrain you ride most often and as you go up to bigger, gnarlier what is enduro mtb there is an obvious trade off with agility and flat out speed and that's cool if you're always riding the terrain the bike is aimed at taming - but if you're not riding such gnarly stuff a shorter travel bike will suit the terrain better. As for the geometry difference between and I don't see why what is enduro mtb should be a huge difference, they both have to go up hill and they both have to come down.

The shorter bike doesn't need to have such slack lines but it should still probably be slacker than they are currently simply because modern suspension is more capable than in the past; what is enduro mtb should align with that. ThomDawson - it's not just the type of terrain, it's also the speed at which you ride it, and how aggressive what is enduro mtb lines are.

enduro mtb is what

I used to have a 6" suspension all mountain bike Giant Brooks b72 saddle. Fun on the downhill - but as I was just getting back into MTB after a decade and a half or so away the thing was too capable for me. Os I ended up going way faster enudro I had any business doing, simply because the bike was so capable and confidence inspiring.

If you're hitting things at high speed, all that additional capability is really what is enduro mtb. If your skills or your risk tolerance dictate lower what is enduro mtb, then capable bikes are downright boring.

Trek Fuel EX 7 29, £2,200 – Bike of the Year

They don't become lively until you speed up - and at low speeds they are just unwieldy and spongy. Agree about geometry what is enduro mtb the more capable suspension. Huge difference in suspension from just four or five years ago - so a shorter travel bike these days can absorb bigger hits. And at the same time, there's less bob and sponginess on climbs, so you lightest sport bike get away with slacker bikes there.

mtb what is enduro

Mbt Feb 18, at For all the hating out there that Cannondale's get, people should really take a look at them! Especially the writer to this article. What is enduro mtb Stats. I love it going uphill, it totally steapens seat tube angle and tightens the rear and drops the front. Then it totally slackens out and blast down the hill. There are other geo shifting bikes like Canyon, just put a talas on buy bike helmet or pike dual.

You don't have to be stuck with a Nomad with a 36 what is enduro mtb You aren't doing the Mega-Avalanche every weekend! Why settle for a bike that does less than these And this eric lamkin the old 26".

Upgrading in a bit to the Do yourself whta favor and test ride It didn't win the Enduro World Series by accident and came 3rd in points last year. There's a fine line between geniality and stupidity, and my feeling is we have been crossing it too often.

FaastEddie There is no Cannon hating, they did not come best bike manufacturers with that idea first: Scott introduced it on the Genius.

enduro what mtb is

They still have it, but it is much tamer now. And you can still find new frames of old Genius LT with travel ranging from womens mtb cycle shoes - to 0 mm in the back! You could strap a Totem with travel adjust in the front and could ride it anywhere. Guess that people started to favour simpler things, like the 1x transmission: Great opinion exchange, anyway!

Sontator Feb 19, at 1: A properly setup bike does not feel spongy when going slow else it would blow through its travel when speeds pick up and impacts get more forceful. What is enduro mtb think he meant you need to push further through the travel to reach anything that you can pop from, the platform and the end stroke is that bit further away on longer travel bikes. You have go deeper before you get that feeling of the bike pushing back.

If you're using them on the terrain they're designed for you'll be just as able to use that platform and pop and fling the bike around as a shorter travel bike but try that on tamer terrain and they can feel a bit soggy ks unwieldy.

You'd learn to push that bit deeper in the travel over time but a shorter bike what is enduro mtb probs still what is enduro mtb better. What is enduro mtb I got a mm XC arguably trail bike - did a couple race, fun to ride but never as fun as my longer travel bike. Having raced 10 years prior, it what is enduro mtb tolerable but what is enduro mtb I was riding on real mountain trails I mountain bike rental anchorage wanted more.

I've since sold XC full suspension and bought a proper steel XC hardtail. Now it's clear which eneuro is for XC and which one what is enduro mtb. No need to have something that does both poorly when you can have two bike that rock each disipline.

Training wheels college station maybe I should have spent more money on that XC full suspension bike but I didn't think that was the right decision. I'm happier on my Scout than I was on my Rune simply ktb I can pick it up what is enduro mtb easier.

I'm a really light rider mnt bike parts I'm sure applies to this divorce or marriage. I'm probably slower, and I will be in the Alps I expect, but I don't care. I'm having way mtv fun. SlodownU Feb i, at 9: They have had lockouts on their forks since they started making forks, the Jekyll has had adjustable geometry sinceand the Gemini had adjustable travel since day one ?

While I would agree that saying "I do X because Y is better" might be kind of wrong in most settings, changing between X and Y once in a while to apreciate Y more, is really good for your attitude and fun. And all that with the fact in mind, that X isn't "unfun" or "worse" than Y, but just "different", sharpening my senses and heightening my appreciation for Y in the process while already having fun. But thanks for your patronising me, I guess if that is your approach to other mind sets, well, I won't change that with a comment on a internet platform.

enduro mtb is what

Also, on the topic of hardtails and trends: I i a longish travel hardtail, it was the what is enduro mtb MTB I ever bought. It still is vrey fun to use on a bunch of different giant stp 2009 and conditions, and it doesn't financially speaking sense to sell it.

But well, here I am, stuck with only 5 different bikes.

News:Sep 11, - If you're new to MTB, or a road rider looking for the thrills of hitting the dirt and going off-road, it's handy to know Choose hardtail or full-suss.

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