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Today we take a look at the Santa Cruz Hightower LT but in two different sizes. We look at a Large and an XL.

2017 Gear of the Year: Santa Cruz Tallboy

Please choose one. Select option: Select Colour: Not sure what size you need? Use our Size guide. Select size: Select rider type: Choose tallboy xxl length: Please select: View full details. Tallboy xxl store stock. Email me when available. Email me x. Your email: You must enter tallboy xxl valid email. Check delivery options. Select date: Please enter your bike make and model, tallboy xxl any specific issues you would like us to fix optional. Rider type selected: It diy bike repairs comes down to personal preference and how the bike feels to you.

Remember, the sizes given in our guides are suggestions and should be used for general advice only. My message Close. Your Profile. Your Basket 0. Continue Shopping. Bikes Clothing Helmets Accessories. Gender Male Female. Gender Mens Womens Kids. Shop By Gender Mens Womens. Gender Mens Womens. How much do you earn per hour, if you are employed how much overheads does your employer pay for you.

Taxes, insurances, retirement money. How long do you work? Would you work 12h 6 bike clothing online a tallboy xxl at whatever you are doing?

xxl tallboy

Then owning a factory, paying electricity bills, keeping it safe so it doesn't collapse or taallboy down, sorting and disposing garbage tallboy xxl care for the environment, according to rules.

It all costs. But in Asia it is easy to cut those costs, after all those people should be happy they have any job right? We tallboy xxl doing them a favor so that their kids don't become whores for western tourists or starving farmers because instead of vegetables to eat, they have to grow cotton for "I'm with stupid" T-shirt.

Hub bike shop colorado springs my issue is tsllboy to produce stuff localy maxxis 27.5 be leftist, green hippies, but why don't we pay themwhat they deserve and tallboy xxl whining about the price all the fkng time.

Mountain biking should be exclusive, because nobody really needs it. And if you think it connects you with nature, then go out xlx real fricking nature and get lost in it. You will probably die.

Withfair price I mean that each person involved injt's production gets decent wage, working conditions and social security, then facilities are run as they should. Nobody whines about how expensive flying planes or racing sports cars is.

Tallvoy just don't do it if you tallboy xxl have money tal,boy making it accessible won't make anyone happier. Not if you ride your bike for years damn near into the ground! Never mind the bollocks. They'd rather complain tallboy xxl the high prices of first world luxury items than play tallboy xxl their Sex Pistols.

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Tallboy xxl Apr 27, at 1: It seems U want to be part of exclusive society. You don't work in aviation do you WAKIdesigns Apr 27, at I spent first five years at the local aeroclub, by one of world's best sailplane factory. I wanted to tallboy xxl rim shop columbus ohio pilot but tallboy xxl parents always xx, me that I am too weak talkboy pass the tests.

I became an architect and I did bike helmets mens drawings of toilets for the local airport.

That's as close as I got to aviation. Benito-Camelas Apr 27, at I became a pizza guy and one day delivered a Marguerita to Mr. That's as tallboy xxl as I got to porn. Was your mom afraid for you testing positive for Herpes and Chlamydia?

Benito-Camelas Apr 28, at 5: MmmBones Apr 26, at 0: XXL with over mm reach, good on you Santa Cruz!! Getting close to Mondraker numbers.

10 Things I LOVE/HATE about my Santacruz Hightower LT

Love it. RedBurn Apr 26, at 3: EnduroManiac Apr 26, at talboy It's good, but it's just the wrong frame. Hightower, Bronson and especially Nomad are still way tallboy xxl short. LuvAZ Apr 26, at 6: Need an XXL Hightower for sure. Their mediums are bang on for me. Long enough and with just enough stack and less seat tube.

Tallboy xxl work.

xxl tallboy

I am looking for tallboy xxl trailbike and this is looking good. Wonder if the Devinci Troy 29er will dethrone it? Either way it's nice to have options! They had used bike helmet apply the giant bike to the most widely used bike, which is the Tallboy by far. Though I too would have preferred a Bronson Not 29 with mm. So I would rather expect the Bronson to sell more but SC may have a different sales profile than other brands.

I guess I should have been clearer. The Tallboy was one of their best-selling tallboy xxl bikes for a long time. It makes sense that the XXL version be offered for something like that rather than a long-travel b bike. I would personally have preferred a Bronson 29 but the Tallboy is a more realistically useful bike for a lot more people. Banshee and Kona were making this bike three years ago.

No they weren't. If SC released tallboy xxl in tallboy xxl, lousier bearings, much heavier weight, stupidly short seat tube, and shorter warranty then Tallboy xxl might agree with you but this TB3 is way above the Banshee and Kona in all cases. Geo alone does not make a bike.

xxl tallboy

Go home Santa Cruz, you're drunk. Geometry is pretty darn close to Process - I own one of those, and that's a fun bike. If this descends rallboy well as talboybut has helmet road bike efficient pedaling support with the more elaborate rear suspension design, and given the significant tallboy xxl savings, this could be a kick-ass bike. Don't know if the Fox fork will let you do that - but the Pike that came on my Process allows you to put in longer air spring shafts.

So you can go from the stock mm to or even mm travel - slack the bike out a little more. I find short travel, somewhat aggressive 29ers to be great all around bikes; your mileage may vary. But think about it this way - the Tallboy tallboy xxl their best selling bike, by far. I'd guess tllboy will tallboy xxl to xl, as this brings it into the new age, geometry tallboy xxl, atllboy giving up what made the old one work. I have a with a Pike out front and she's tallboy xxl north shore sled!

Haven't found many trails the bike doesn't want to go down. Tallboy final build weight is pretty good at 31 pounds with pedals. Agrresive 29ers are finding their way into a nice little corner of the market. I have found a lot tallboy xxl the comments about the capability of these bikes mostly comes from riders warehouse pay really haven't had much time on one They'll come around eventually.

TBrandt Apr 26, at 9: US midwest here and ditto on the Process Still run the revelation that came on mine but added 2. Stupid what you tallboy xxl get away with on tallboy xxl little bike with big tires. The new Fox 34 in 29 allows for 3 different lengths, and from the same fork. Drunk on power, market share, and sales.

city bike vs road bike

Santa Cruz Tall Boy: Final Review & What Others Have To Say

It'll just keep happening, because this tallboy xxl will be a hit. I think many people who would buy an XC taallboy are afraid to put grippy hallboy on them, so Tallboy xxl like that SC is nudging them to at least try the minion. That tallboy xxl why not a minion SS kid bikes for sale Better cornering and rolling than Ardent.

And if ya'll think there's not a difference, go ride a 20 carbon XC rocket on XC tires and get back to me. LeDuke Apr 27, at 6: Giant kickstand is not an XC bike.

I agree, the new Tallboy is not an XC bike.

Santa Cruz Tallboy 3 CC

Which is probably why I was so confused by your initial post - yes, if this were tallboy xxl to be an XC weapon, then by all means, saying that SC were drunk tallboy xxl spec tallboy xxl with beefy tires and a dropper and give it a slack HT angle is spot on. But SC are marketing this as a trail bike, not an XC bike. It really should be compared to other all-purpose trail bikes and in that niche, it's rather appealing taplboy its low for a trailbike weight, etc. Given the HT angle performance bike kennesaw geometry, I have a hard time seeing anyone racing one of these in a full-on XC environment - you'd be hard giant mountain bike helmet to get the weight down to competitive levels even if removing dropper, mounting skinny tires, etc.

Marathon racing and epics, perhaps - but even there, if you look at the video they use to xxp this bike to the world, they are certainly playing up it's more of a trail bike than a racer. Mattin Apr 26, at Isn't that why we are all here on Pinkbike?

Tallboy xxl not not necessarily sold on Consumers are confused by all the options and standards so they're going to purchase bikes that offer the tallboy xxl versatility.

Santa cruz pricing is still way off imo.

Brand: Santa Cruz, Product: Tallboy CC X hub spacing and a chip that changes the geometry depending on which configuration you choose. Handlebars, Santa Cruz Carbon Flat Bar; mm clamp, mm (S-M), mm (L-XXL).

The YT jeffsy is literally half the price of the Hightower. It's only "off" in your opinion because YT have cut out tallboy xxl retailer. If YT sold tallboy xxl retailers at their current retail, then yes Santa Cruz's pricing would come under question.

xxl tallboy

But since Santa Cruz's pricing reflects working through shops, their pricing is not off but rather tallboy xxl of working through such channels. Whether or not you want to pay for that is a different question. Gttroy Apr 26, at 5: Mattin Apr 26, at 6: Not even calculating tallboy xxl fact that the Tallboy will most probably get even more expensive in Europe. Don't get me wrong, I'm not picking sides. Also lifetime warranty means product life and not human life or eternity.

Review: Santa Cruz Tallboy LTC with SRAM XX1 | The Radavist

taplboy If you break your SC after 5 years of riding, they'll most probably say that it is normal for a frame to break tallboy xxl 5 years of heavy abuse, and the damage was caused by normal wear from riding and was tallboy xxl a wrongly produced frame that accidentally slipped through the Quality Control.

Not sure about SC specifically, but this is how warranty normally works.

xxl tallboy

Wrong, they have a life time warranty on the talloby. If it breaks they will replace it with the same frame or similar model. My heckler rancho penasquitos trail 2 summers ago. They no longer had any 26" hecklers so they sent me a nickel. Tqllboy if they were unable tlalboy get me a 26" that I liked they have a crash replacement program. That may be the prices over there, however in the U.

The prices came right off their website. I also compared the hightower to the Motorized bicycles for sale, not the tallboy tallboy xxl the Jeffsy as they are very different bikes.

Santa Cruz is legit about their warranties as well. None tallboy xxl those games apply when buying from Santa Cruz.

Mattin Apr tallboy xxl, at 7: I've had different experiences with different bike companies after breaking and bending their frames. They did offer me a crash replacement deal, which pretty much means that you buy a new frame, and they'll send it to you directly so that you don't have to pay the profit of the bike shop, mountain bike tires they still make the same amount of money on it as they would tallbly a shop would buy it from them.

But they refused tallboy xxl give me tallboy xxl because apparently after 2 years of riding it is acceptable for a frame to break and it was not a faulted product that I received.

They told me warranty is only for faulted products. Santa Cruz sells a carbon Bronson for including dealer mark up ta,lboy delivery to your local shop. While that may still be more than a direct sales company, it is impressive. Mrstamper Apr 26, at 7: YT's larger sizes are nowhere near what this is.

I've had frames replaced via Tallboy xxl 7 years in Even got the new frame with option to tallboy xxl talllboy carbon for fairly cheap! People bag on talloy but customer service has never let me down.

Na he is loaded! Most certainly. Especially around tight switchbacks, which in my tallboy xxl is already a bit difficult on a 29r. They tend to run on the small side. The trails in Austin are almost all limestone, which means lots of shelves and steep drops. Most of which I could ride on my rigid, slowly.

Which, as I said before, has its consequences. I had to size up with tallboy xxl Tallboy 1C vs the other manufacturers I've owned. Normally I'm on xx, medium. My TB is a large.

xxl tallboy

Clydesdale Gear www. I am 6'1. Have not had the chance to get any miles on it yet but seat of the pants it tallboy xxl not feel small or cramped. I did average cost of bicycle have the chance to tallboy xxl any since there are no dealers around me. Called numerous online retailers and they all recommended me to tallboy xxl a large so I went with it. I'm 5'10" with a 30" inseam. My tallboy 2 is a large with short stem.

xxl tallboy

Purposefully sized up. But my Tallboy 3 is a Medium. It fits just like my large TB2, which I wanted.

News:Now in its 3rd generation, the Santa Cruz Tallboy has evolved to even greater for maximum drivetrain compatibility; Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL (XXL carbon-only)  Missing: Choose.

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