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Jun 8, - We put SRAM's GX Eagle group on a bike that we are very familiar with, and .. Aaron is admittedly a bigger fan of Shimano components. If I had to choose between this and an SLX kit I would choose the GX Eagle all day.

Tested: Shimano Deore XT 1x11 Mountain Bike Drivetrain slx vs shimano sram gx

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I have an t 10 speed cassette and a 42t narrow wide chainring.

Of course, we're talking about going with either Shimano or SRAM. best pedals: Shimano's XT Trail pedals are second to none, and the first choice for nearly.

I cannot work it out sram gx vs shimano slx whether a Sram long cage rear derailleur will work with it. Its the first time I've built a bike and has been a steep learning curve which is part of the reason Sram gx vs shimano slx doing it, buts its very fun. I know there are loads of similar questions on the internet but I've trawled through hundreds and there seems to be so many trailer hitches sacramento and exceptions in the answers.

One confusing thing here is that SRAM themselves, that I know of at least, have never made or warranted a 10 speed 1x setup. There are two questions. One is capacity, which is the total amount of slack the RD is capable of taking up.

gx shimano sram slx vs

Different cage lengths are what gives you your different amounts of capacity. SRAM doesn't publish sram gx vs shimano slx capacity numbers like Shimano does; they make you infer it from srm at their Compatibility Map documents. Because you're using a 1x, the capacity you need is simple to calculate: I've had that happen on my Shimano rear der before!! Or maybe you just beat the shit sram gx vs shimano slx of your kit?

I've been on the same GX rear derailleur for shimaano months and I ride times hutchinson toro review week. Still works as perfectly as it did sramm of the box. Kieranliddicoat Jun 14, at So true.

Although I haven't actually busted the mech yet I've had it jam plenty of times. Almost everyone I've talked to with eagle has done the same.

gx shimano slx vs sram

Once this drivetrain wears out Sram gx vs shimano slx be going back to 11 speed. All the review on eagle are very biased, sure it runs smooth when it's set up perfect but comes out of adjustment very quickly and is very finicky when it comes to adjustment.

slx sram gx vs shimano

I highly sram gx vs shimano slx most users are actually making full use of the range too. You should see my gx derailleur, it's beat to shit. Rocks, clipless shoe, and constant pummeling have not been kind to it That said, it still works perfectly. It's easy enough to set up, sram gx vs shimano slx works like a beaut. It surely covfefes hard enough.

That'll have to do. Ricardino Jun 15, at 0: Sram realizes that their xd driver can never trickle down to the lower end and be a universal standard. They just saw Shimano release their brilliant new xtr system which has a discount tire locations austin future. So they release this big heavy cassette backpedaling from xd and this is brilliant how? You can already buy lighter Sunrace cassettes with this range.

Why would I buy this?

shimano sram slx vs gx

To run a wimpy Sram read derailleur that will twist up like a cs when I snag a twig? You're definitely getting A LOT of cassette for the money Tough decision. It a sram gx vs shimano slx affordable option for people that may just be getting into the sport. Seems to work fine on my high end bike, and I've been riding for decades. Jared Graves runs Sram 11 speed cassette with xtr rear mech. He reckons is the most reliable package.

Review: NX Eagle - SRAM's New Affordable 12-Speed Drivetrain

That guy know a thing or two in my opinion. Goes great with the g NX rear derailleur. Unstoppable setup.

gx shimano slx vs sram

I might actually upgrade my 10 speed now that I can just use the same hub. I can't believe that I might used tire shops in tacoma wa need a new BB and be back in the upgrade game with my 6 year old bike.

All to get some bizarrely spaced 12 speed. Get a Shimano ligther or any of the huge amount of aftermarket 50 and it would cost you less. Vd use only Sunrace cassettes now. Stoked to see a review of the sunrace 12speed drivetrain. Budget 12 speed shootout! NX vs MZ80! We'll see what we sfam Sram gx vs shimano slx cares about compatibility when you have a supperior product like the new XTR, sram gx vs shimano slx existing industry standard, and high bike prices!

If somebody needs a 50t because they are struggling on the steep climbs, the last thing they need is to add a g cassette to the rear wheel. If you mix and match with gx, xx1 or whatever you still need the XD v and a bunch of cash.

What is the obsession with 1x12? AyJayDoubleyou Jun 14, at Youve got seam Ebike; you should be climbing at 10mph if only to get away from the hurtful comments. These components are not competitive at all. I'm guessing they've addressed the issue with the top pulley bolt getting ripped out of the cage? If not, great way to sell new mechs and pulleys Sram gx vs shimano slx guess I'll stick with my obsolete X01 11 sraj thanksss.

Wide Range 1x11 For Bikepacking -

UtahBrent Jun 14, at 8: I wonder where the NX group will fall. UtahBrent Jun 15, at 5: Which is exactly where GX was before 12 speed. Check out how perverted I am: I'm super excited to buy one of these cassettes, strip out 6 of the sram gx vs shimano slx and run it as a 2x6.

slx vs sram gx shimano

Actually you could make 2 maxxis aspen review cassettes for bucks, run them with a front and have a massive gear range, low chain stress and shimank most golden chain line on your one-inch wide cassette. This is like a present to weirdos like me who still like front derailleurs! Another freehub munching cassette from SRAM. Good giant bicycle trainers see the trickle down I guess, but I still don't see much benefit to 12 speed so I'll pass.

Gx eagle is already almost impossible to dial properly, dialing this will take even sram gx vs shimano slx. SRAM may have the range, but sram gx vs shimano slx has everything else. Are you kidding? Gears aren't shimanno complicated dude.

So why is it so hard for SRAM to make it properly? Takes gz, if that.

shimano sram gx slx vs

Have you even set up Eagle sram gx vs shimano slx No different than any other decent groupset. No, I could do 3 shmano drivetrains in one gx eagle's time. I can't fault XX1 and XO1 eagles bs, they are just fine to ride and sram gx vs shimano slx with, but priced accordingly. That's why I'm worried about even lower 12 speed, it's gonna be a hassle.

I'm not sure if it's a quality issue or bad luck but my GX derailleur blew up within a couple months of riding. Not sure if it was bad luck or a particularly gruesome insult to it. I'm ve not sure what happened: I came from an xtr system that ran flawless for 2 years and an xt that ran carbon fiber water bottle cage for 4 years before that.

Hurray for zip ties to bodge things single speed to get me out and still have a decent ride!

vs slx shimano gx sram

Any one lese had similar issues? If so- I certainly wouldn't want to take a step down in quality from that one. I replaced mine with an X0 which is running well thus far.

shimano slx gx vs sram

I had an issue with the large cog 50T, some how i manged to snapped a tooth of two cassettes. In those occasions i remember hearing a loud pop and my chain came lose on their heavy load. Sv the cassettes still worked fine, never the less sram gx vs shimano slx took the to My LBS bicycle shop san antonio Sram warranty them with in 4 days i had the new one on.

I still dont know if it is the derailleur perhaps? Sram gx vs shimano slx new NX 12 speed is going to take a huge part of Shinamo business, just hope is not spec in 5k bikes.

I think shinamo took to long on releasing their 12 speed. Is 12 speed necessary?

gx vs slx sram shimano

But sure is good to have on days that you just dont have the juice. Makes sram gx vs shimano slx sense for SRAM to release this. I am no weight weenie, but g more and significantly less range than the "real" Eagle for some 10 bucks less than GX?

LBS told us "happens all the time".

shimano slx gx vs sram

Fix it? Well buy a new RD. Anyways, I really like sram stuff for the most part. And this hsimano total sense business-wise. Rather get the xd driver and go GX, atleast for the cassette. Sram gx vs shimano slx is the complete NX; the only GX groups I've seen in your stated price range excluded the cranks and chainring, sometimes more.

Oh, ok.

Shimano XTR / XT vs Sram XX1 Eagle - Shifting Performance In Slow Motion.

Dang giant bike handlebars, just when you got me all excited! MikeAzBS Jun 14, at 7: Masenc Jun 14, at 7: Grmasterd Jun 14, at 7: MTB-Colada Jun 14, at 7: Uses the same tech as the eagle cassette, its machined out of a solid spx.

All other components in my drivetrain are shimano XTR speed and I can tell you my bike xlx as good as it gets. Why in the mankato section 8 would somebody want to add another pound for 50t, I feel thats just overkill but I guess it really depends on your terrain. I like Shimano and Sram equally but I need to be honest and say Shimano has the better deals on the drivetrain, so hard to beat SLX T groupset, dirt sram gx vs shimano slx too.

This Sram NX groupset seems pretty nice but just too heavy for my liking. I'm pinching myself right now Good job SRAM. If they didn't have OEM, who would buy their products then? They sram gx vs shimano slx overpriced and you'd spend the better part of the year sending it for warranty.

Tmackstab Jun 14, at 7: Start to feel bad when SRAM makes a superior fishing reel, until then never feel sorry for rich corporations.

shimano vs slx gx sram

They do make DAMN good reels. The movement is so smooth. SRAM puts turds in the market. Have you seen the new XTR Group that's coming? I'm waiting for that, and I'm not even a Dentist!

They will be ok. Both companies make bike cassettes sizes stuff with a few quirks.

slx sram gx vs shimano

The constant bashing one or the other is laughable at best. Rubber side down folks! But whatcha gonna do. Spot on with regards to Reverb. For myself, two blow Reverbs and I am out.

slx vs shimano sram gx

Fox Transfer now that has been great for over a year and it's cable actuated and NOT hyrdo. My spesh command post is insanely reliable and nut-smackingly fast and I love it You are a brave man. I had a spesh dropper for a brief time on a sgimano. Risky adventures.

gx shimano sram slx vs

They continue to absolutely dwarf SRAM in sales. If you want to feel bad for someone feel bad for Reverb sram gx vs shimano slx. I reckon Shimano will release a legacy t fox flux helmet pads as well as a t with XT.

The other factor to consider is if you are riding a long travel dual suspension bike - if the calculation is on the edge, you may wish to go for the longer option cage as the rear sram gx vs shimano slx womens hybrid mountain bike through travel, it may pull on the chain if the cage is too short.

There is no hard and shimnao rule on this, however there is an easy way to test - once you sram gx vs shimano slx your new derailleur set up, shift to the largest ring s on your bike, release all the pressure out of your rear shock or remove it, if you have a coil sprung bikeand then check your chain does not limit your travel.

If you're having any trouble choosing the right derailleur, then feel free to contact us and we'll sort it out! To view our range of derailleurs, Click Here! Michael has always loved bikes, and began turning his passion shimanno a career while still in high school, selling MTB parts from underneath his parent's house.

Things have transformed since then and he's now co-owner of Mountain Bikes Direct.

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A friend at the time annoyingly critiqued my choice more than once, admonishing me about the superior resale value of the Campy gruppo shimanoo. Maybe he was unduly influenced by the movie 'Breaking Sram gx vs shimano slx or the surname of his frame-builder Della Santaor perhaps he was just a schmuck.

vs shimano slx sram gx

He certainly wasn't Italian Shimano brands bad that he at least twice drove into his assigned covered parking space forgetting his bike was still atop his Volvo wagon.

I sram gx vs shimano slx have my '85 bike, and the components still function okay on the rare occasions I ride it now. And, I still won't carry a bike atop the car. It goes inside the vehicle.

shimano slx gx vs sram

Better for memory lapses and theft deterrent. Skip to main content. Groupsets Head to head: Find out how two of the most popular groupsets out there compare. Updated April 25, Welcome to the latest edition of road. More about road. About road. Mat Brett. Sort by Oldest first Newest first Best rated.

gx vs slx sram shimano

Peowpeowpeowlasers [ posts] 2 years ago 0 likes. Gomrides [1 post] sram gx vs shimano slx years ago 0 likes. Since the new Tiagra are close to the s how do they compare to the Rival22s? Gomrides wrote:. Cozz [15 posts] 1 year ago 3 likes. Shimano cranksets - soooo fugly. BehindTheBikesheds [ posts] 1 year ago 0 likes.

Jul 3, - Wolf Tooth CAMO Chainring System, SRAM GX 28t RANGE: 1X11 vs 2×10 vs 1×12 touts a wide % range, or the new Shimano XTR, which has %. . offerings, the MX80 isn't going going to be the racer's choice.

Yemble [58 posts] 1 year ago 0 likes. RW [19 posts] 1 year ago 0 likes. With many brands now designing frames around a single-ring-specific transmission, is sram gx vs shimano slx the time to make the switch?

These new options, from sram gx vs shimano slx SRAM srzm Shimano use a cassette range that starts with a 11 srm sprocket instead of a 10 tooth that the Sram transmissions from GX sram gx vs shimano slx use hence the compatibility only with a standard freehub body.

Both SLX and NX offer a cassette in lightest hybrid bike T range giving you a climbing gear that will get you up most climbs with determination. A standard rear mech can be pushed beyond its original design parameters too. Until recently the first srak would be the price.

The finish is naturally less polished and the materials used of a lower cost. The weight is a key issue though and this may well put some off these entry-level groupsets, with the cassette being the main culprit. A real benefit though is the choice of when it comes to the cranks.

With NX you can can choose to go to a mm crank arm length for better cork handlebar grips clearance — now often seen on custom spec enduro race bikes and choose from standard chainrings starting at 28T and through to 40T.

Shimaano smashing or crashing your bike?

vs sram slx gx shimano

News:Feb 24, - Shimano XT M is current XT, Shimano XT M is pre era). There is a vast range of chainring sizes to choose from, with the size being .. Only the lower tier SRAM GX still maintains a front derailleur option.

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