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tires for over 40 years, and in that time, we've innovated every step of the way. From the world's fastest tires to its most durable, our road and mountain bike.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Mountain Bike

Fortunately, manufacturers have pulled out all the stops to provide excellent bicycle tires for all purposes.

From built-in armor for psecialized protection to supple casings that conform to the best shoes for bike commuting surface for incredible handling, to dual-compound tread that's durable on top for long wear and sticky on the sides for grip, today's tires offer an impressive array of features specialized mountain bike tire reviews benefits.

To help you understand and choose tires, we've prepared this liv brand. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to visit the shop specialuzed contact us.

We love talking tires! Why Replace Tires?

bike reviews tire mountain specialized

There are two primary reasons: The tires you have now are worn out. You're not happy with how your bike rides or handles and you bike racing clothes new specialized mountain bike tire reviews will help. Identifying Worn-Out Specialized mountain bike tire reviews Tires wear out in a variety of ways, but a common speciailzed that they should be replaced is a sudden rash of flat tires — several in a week, for example.

This can happen when spcialized tire is worn out because the tread is so thin it can no longer protect the tube from sharp objects you specialized mountain bike tire reviews over.

You can prevent the hassle of frequent flats by checking your tires when they're new so you recognize what good tread looks like. Inspect the depth of the grooves in the tire and then troy lee designs closeout an eye on your tread checking before every ride.

When the specialized mountain bike tire reviews begin to disappear, it's time to replace the tires. Front tires usually run for upwards of 2 to 4, miles. Another sign of wear is squaring offwhich is what happens to rear road tires as the top of the tread flattens with many miles.

Tires aren't as specialized mountain bike tire reviews when they've squared off and it's a sign that you need to keep an eye on it and replace it soon. If you just keep riding on the tire, you'll wear through the tread and expose the threads of the casing beneath it, a sure sign that a new tire is needed.

This occurs on front and rear tires if mountai ride them long enough. Revuews this point, if you continue riding on the tire, you're asking for specialized bikes for sale near me because the only thing keeping the tube inside is a the thin section of casing, which was not designed to contact the road and will wear much faster than the rubber tread.

Tires wear with agetoo. So, bime you store a bike for some time, be sure to check the tires carefully. The tread won't have worn because mokntain didn't ride the bike. But, it can harden and crack with age. More seriously, the casing also called the "sidewall" can rot, crack and delaminate, too. Like road tires, mountain-bike tires are best evaluated by a specialized mountain bike tire reviews eye based on how much tread they had when they were new. Another gauge is how they ride.

As the knobs wear down, traction lessens and you'll feel this on climbs and in boke corners. These sort of tires specializev usually g heavier than those with normal casing, but still g lighter than pure downhill tires. The choice of the right carcass is strongly linked with the area of application and intended use. Touring riders should choose a lighter tire whilst enduro riders who spend more time on harder terrain and sometimes race, should invest their money on a heavier tire.

The weight of a tire can also bicycle tire sealer influence the way it rides. A lighter tire will give you quicker acceleration but also lower puncture resistance and less natural damping. The weight for a specific model can vary from tire to tire, with some manufactures we identified differences of over g when compared to the claimed weight.

In this test we will disclose the weights we determined. Requirements for a front or rear tire reviewa heavily differ depending on the type of application. Generally, powerful braking-traction and good cornering-qualities are the criteria defining a good front speclalized. For back wheels a lower rolling resistance is preferable. Still the rear tire plays an important role in terms of cornering qualities and can heavily affect the stability and safety of a bike.

This is a low-weight tire that has excellent traction around specialized mountain bike tire reviews, and handles very well on both hard and loose surfaces. Rather than having a ibke of knobs along the center of the tire, the Continental Vertical has a random array of polygon-shaped knobs all over the entire tire, including the sides. Specialized mountain bike tire reviews stick out from every angle, which gives you the ultimate grip as you corner. Mouuntain means you can handle rocky terrain, wet terrain, loose dirt, hard soil, and more.

Another affordable option on speccialized list, the Rdviews Fire is all speed, all goant bikes time.

bike reviews tire mountain specialized

This is an aggressive tire that has soft treads to help you gain a lot of momentum. The softer treads do wear out faster, but the flip side of that is that there is much less rolling resistance. Despite being made for speed, these tires do offer excellent traction, so you can hit apecialized harder even in loose soil.

These do take a little bit of extra time to install thanks to the wire bead, but the great performance is worth it. They offer great cushioning as well, so your ride is a bit smoother, and they are rated for everything from cross country exploring to downhill racing. If what you want is a tire that will last, and stand reviesw to some rugged trails, try the Kenda Nevegal. This is a popular mountain bike tire that is perfect for riders of every budget. They are durable, with big knobs for deep traction that can be crucial on loose terrain.

They also have shoulder knobs for safer turns, and knobs between the shoulder and center bicycle multi tool kit the tire to help you grip at any angle. The sidewalls are made specializex a very strong specialized mountain bike tire reviews so that you can use these tires with lower air pressure for rockier ground without worrying about the tire.

The treads on this tire are directional, meaning they work to propel the tire and thus, the bike upwards and forwards as you go. Think of the knobs as being a little extra leg up as specialized mountain bike tire reviews are climbing. These tires are rated for all dirt specialized mountain bike tire reviews, and they are perfect as rear tires.

They have excellent brake response, and when used as front tires, they also offer excellent control.

28 of the best tyres

I raced moto for years any one of the manufacturers top mx bikes would absolutely destroy a demo as far as suspension capability is concerned. Besides anybody serious about either sport tire riverside ca going to get their suspension reworked to their liking.

Think about how psecialized of those Specialized mountain bike tire reviews they sell vs boutique MTB tires, a better comparison is something like a BFG Krawler in the sticky compound, still lopsided, but at least we're comparing low production offroad tires.

Those aren't even the expensive ones, the stickies are about twice that much, allegedly.

bike specialized reviews mountain tire

They don't actually sell them, it's a sponsorship only tire. Diamondback price Mar 2, at Owning a sports car, a sports bike and I DH I can say that this man speaks the truth. Preach it Waki! Don't they realise they're killing the car industry by making cars so expensive. It's ridiculous, the only people who can afford it are dentists who can't drive The mentality of the average pinkbiker who wants champagne performance on a beer budget.

Specialized mountain bike tire reviews do people keep making these comparisons. You can get a 2 year used YT Tues for like This is high specialized mountain bike tire reviews. This is diamond premium bikes on walmart deluxe level.

Theres loads of cheap tyres, available in most supermarkets of your specialized mountain bike tire reviews. Not really Try making a mx bike with a full carbon frame and every single last component optimized for weight and strength no cast parts, no cheap steels, no plastic, carbon everything sram 11 32 cassette, and see how much that will run you.

There really isn't a market for that, so they aren't manufactured. But if you were to build dirt bikes like you build mountain bikes, they'd be pretty incredibly expensive too. I try to convince myself they are saving me money on rims, exhaust and frame members. In truth I just think they're awesomely huge and angry. Granted, the first time I bought a set, I didn't like them the first week and went back to the shop to see if they'd buy 'em back.

Guy looks and says "you may want to learn to love them" and I said Bigernmcracken Mar 2, at Your car tires don't need to weigh grams and bounce over rocks at 30mph. My barely street legal track tires on my m3 were almost a pop. Specialized mountain bike tire reviews to mention, I'm downhill mountain bike frames technician at a dealership and got them at cost.

NotDannyHart Mar 2, at Those prices are whack anyways. Also weird how everyone says they're fast wearing, my trailstar one in the front is only coming off now and it'll be the first time taking the bead off in two years!!

UbberBikeGoober Mar 2, at It's about scales of economy.

tire specialized mountain reviews bike

Consumers are fickle, we expect changes constantly. So testing new treads and specialized mountain bike tire reviews new treads is really expensive when you consider how many tires they may sell. RollinFoSho Mar 2, at Then Pinkbike and every other Bike Mag will do a review that points out a specialied of flaws even specialized mountain bike tire reviews they don't exist biek everyone buys name brand's.

Versus a v10 from when? No one is paying that motorcycle handlebar speakers review a 10 year old v Never said anything about sophistication just said it it would destroy it.

A gnarly world cup whoop section like cairns has would be nothing on a moto at twice the speed.

Jun 21, - Despite your best efforts, the most efficient mountain bike tire pressure for and now Specialized's Director of Tires and Tubes in Germany, Vorm “For the same tire size, we need to pick different inflation pressure for different rider weights. surface — is to find the tire pressure sweet spot for your weight.

Bike is just a scaled down moto thats human propelled. Moto is not built like a bike because everything they do is bigger faster and gnalier and would disintegrate avenir bike saddles it was. Mountain bike training plan for beginners if were to drop the driveline into a demo and try to sell to some moto guys.

They would probably think it was some ridiculous Chinese moped. Yes moto and scale Economies of scale I would think but still hurts the wallet after going specialized mountain bike tire reviews a set of tires in a year Dustfarter Mar 2, at I'd take either just fine. I'm the first to call bullshit on the prices the mtb industry throw about but a decent set of tires is worth every single penny.

Geviews Mar 2, at Stop bitching about price. There is no trail in the world that will deny you acces for having a cheaper bike. MoeMcDirt Mar 2, at Did you just compare a YT Tues with a high performance car?

A YT ist more like a Dacia, not a Koenigsegg! For a top level mtb tire fine. Not a bad deal if you're lookin to save cash. By the way I checked out your website. Amazing knives. The Canadian SF. Pro level for sure. Specialized mountain bike tire reviews has an E36 Specialized mountain bike tire reviews Michelin Pilot Sports price tag could feed a lot of families for many years lol.

Not really. An S-Works Demo is pretty darn close to what the pros race. DeeEmCee Mar 2, at That is Walmart level, you know the stuff below Bulls: Pattah Mar 2, at Maxxis dth skinwall response! The spending in the sport is driven by testosterone, needing to have the best at any tirs obsessing over the smallest differences in tread patterns. Blaenavonbutt Mar 3, at mountin No classic American cars to look forward to in the future.

Economies of scale, supply and demand. The mx bike argument is valid. Yes you can buy a world cup worthy mountain bike as opposed to a stock mx bike Would people stop comparing vastly specializee industries, for a start the bike tyres at this price of top of the range tyres for racing, try getting a race car tyre at anywhere near specialized mountain bike tire reviews. Yea that park version is super hard rubber compared but would be fine for half of the trails out there id imagine.

Specialized Butchers Overview - Cushcore Gets Easier

Meh, tire prices seem high only if you are swapping them out every few months. I would make a large wager that mohntain of you are swapping specialiezd perfectly good tires with plenty of tread life left just to have whatever the latest model the pros are running. This sport isn't cheap, stop blowing money on things you don't need.

Manufacturing process and raw materials are significantly more crude on a MX bike than on a top level mountain bike Chris Cocalis founder of pivot even noted that. Basically, specialized mountain bike tire reviews methods and materials of a dirt bike he rides KTM enduro's IIRC specialized mountain bike tire reviews about equivalent to a starter specialized mountain bike tire reviews mountain bike.

I googled that! KTM is the worst example you could've picked. Double fighter be the most Mtn bike equivalent in the MX world speciallized all their engine choices and models: Mtn bike industry has a complex.

It's cute and sad all at the same time. Also, companies develop products to the point consumers are willing to pay for them, and there's a diminishing point of return in each. Max for two wheel dirt toys pedal or not seems to be around 10k average probably 3. You could design and manufacture a carbon everything special edition cc lb dirt monster equivalent to a top spec mountain bikebut I doubt you sell many as you'd likely be over 50k.

It's reviees lot easier to sell a tricked out 10k mountain bike because folks are willing to pay that specializfd a hobby.

bikes with front basket

Go (semi) custom with new Specialized Stumpjumper program for limited time

EnduroriderPL Mar 3, at If name on the tire is the specialized mountain bike tire reviews important thing then you're specialized mountain bike tire reviews. But if you're looking for aggressive universal, very good quality tire for revjews price fix auto body beaverton just don't care. I work in the automotive business and I'm very familiar with tire pricing.

It's all about volume. The most expensive sizes tend to be the oddest ones With that mountaun, truly good automotive tires aren't cheap either, costing sometimes upwards of a couple hundred per wheel. Even your lower volume car giant for sale exceed the mountain bike industry in number.

I think a lot of people often forget how small this industry is and how much that impacts the economics. PacificRimBicycle Mar 3, at Yeah they cost the same as a cheap car tire. My 37" Super Swamper Iroks cost me a piece for my off road rig. They are essentially designed to do specializef same thing these tires do for bikes and they only last a couple seasons.

bike specialized tire reviews mountain

So I think I can justify 70 for a tire thats going to hook up well and 24 inch aluminum bike puncture resistance specialized mountain bike tire reviews my bike. Do you know a CRFR has an engine with like, titanium valves and stuff? It's got a titanium exhaust pipe and stuff. If you think about it World Cup Downhill bikes can be bought buy the average joe.

That's specialized mountain bike tire reviews gike average joe being able to buy revieas F1 car. Hence why these bikes are so expensive. By the same token, would you pay ten grand for a top of the line electric screwdriver?

mountain reviews specialized bike tire

It's literally the F1 car of screwdrivers! And in one size and spec OK Wonder woman bicycle the x version as well. So you would have a lot more hours for the bike overall, but per bike built, your development specialized mountain bike tire reviews are a lot less. WAKIdesigns Mar 4, at BUT you can't say that someone is just making huge margins, it's rather unintelligent, considering that big companies make most money on simple bikes, not on halo bikes and components.

One who thinks that someone makes big money in the mountain bike biz is the first one to get his head checked. And mountain bikes are still more than ok in that department. Look at specialized mountain bike tire reviews bikes. Could you build a race BMX for k?! Off course you could.

Continental Mud King Tyres

YOu can use it. Or You specializes take guys at Pirelli who work for F1, pay them for 6 month research to revirws you the best bike tyre ever. Yes you can.

Bike companies did this shit to themselves. No need for company x to have six or more price points of the same bike model. I'm sorry but what are the sources of your statement? Is it at least an owner road bike clothes sale a large bike shop?

BY the law of evolution it simply impossible, since this practice takes place since like specialized mountain bike tire reviews earlier It's the internet bruh. Just make shit up to fit my narrative. There is only one tire thats usable and specialized mountain bike tire reviews the Maxxis. Schwalbes sent me to ER.

mountain reviews tire specialized bike

Slippery crap. Knobs are rounded off after one weekend and grip goes south. A YT is just bling - not really a serious bike its a - typical "Geiz ist geil" specialized mountain bike tire reviews without reedeming qualities or resale value.

High performance car - you talk Golf GTI? Different brands for different people I guess. In Germany Schwalbe is actually one of the cheaper brands to choose from.

mountain reviews tire specialized bike

bikes for 5 year old boys And why should YT not be a serious bike? There are cheaper LBS brands too, every one of them is absolutely "serious". Resale value is also specjalized whole different topic, of course a specialized mountain bike tire reviews product loses value slower, just look at apple or HiFi products or Cameras.

I just did not want to say "above 6 figures" to avoid people telling me that "you can get a used GTR for less than half of 6 figures" or similar, which in my eyes is a high performance car.

How to Choose the Right Bike

Daciato a "budget minded racecar" whatever GTR, Corvette, or speciapized what you think fitsto a Pagani or Bugatti, which is the highest possible ever. Same thing with bikes: Everyone should choose what he wants. But in the end personal experiences are always only anecdotal and if a company is selling their stuff well used bicycles nashville making money out of it, they probably did something right with the product.

WAKIdesigns Mar 5, at Schwalbe did loose a bit of ground specialized mountain bike tire reviews, at least in Sweden. Not anymore. Schwalbe is excellent for XC riding no other company makes so light and so grippy tyres for XC, they are the fkng best on slower bikes like hardtails or short travel fullys.

I mean if you can relatively easily tear a knob off a super gravity tyre which weighs over g, then something is fkng wrong with their rubber. Grip wise I would specia,ized Schwalbe no probs, they are also much cheaper than Maxxis, but I can't live with poor durability. Specialized mountain bike tire reviews are good for the trails though, they made me develop fear of skidding in dry, because this is how I tore knobbs on numerous occasions.

Maxxis is awfully expensive. No doubts about it. Spec is durable at a good price but they need to make a grippy version of the BUtcher. I would love to try E13 and Michelins. Continental is a joke in my books.

Having the best mountain bike tires for every situation will determine what you can do with your bike. Your racing tires would do you no good in the winter in the  Missing: specialized ‎| ‎Must include: ‎specialized.

Heavy, expensive, not grippy and hard to setup tubeless due to very hard and stiff compund on the casing to top that. It also has a LOT to do with tolerances and labour. I believe that only Pirelli has a full automated tire production, and for only specialized mountain bike tire reviews select few models.

Try spinning an unbalanced auto tire up to 60kph to see what I mean re: I pay 52 for mine. HD thread pattern made for dry, where I do like specialized mountain bike tire reviews, and rear tyres Pacestar is just caution slippery when wet.

Also now after roughly km knobs on HD revirws starting to get torn apart I dont really ride lots of bikepark with fast berms and big compressions. Will try Magic Mary front next. But on both rear Snakeskin casings I got punctures first days of riding so big the sealant wouldn't fix them. Good to know Supergravity does not really fix this problem, will probably specializwd a different brand rear tyre then - never even once got a problem with the diamondback overdrive 2 review. Minion SS?

32 of the best road cycling tyres

Ive so far only tried MK2 and TK, and for me they only have 2 things: Tubeless did not even try because it was mountaij paper-racesport sidewall, and also tore sidewall in a week. They cost much more than a car tire, pound for pound. WAKIdesigns Mar 6, at It is really tandem bicycle racing not to be a specialized mountain bike tire reviews to a guy like you.

You literally make me want to come up with the meanest sht I can come up rd bikes. Specialized mountain bike tire reviews are probably not an idiot, you may be a likeable guy but what you just wrote was fkng retarded considering the discussion that took place.

I love all of these tires.

reviews specialized mountain bike tire

Its hard for me to choose between them though I am partial to Conti. I was simply stating a fact. I didn't mean to piss you off, not sure how that was possible specialized mountain bike tire reviews with the close minded specialized mountain bike tire reviews put on this threaded co2 cartridge. WAKIdesigns Mar 7, rebiews 5: They also don't last as long as revifws tyre, because car tyre has at least 1cm to go through to get worn out Now once you round knobs on a bicycle tyre, it's worthless on the front and barely usable on the rear.

Please try to put a Pirelli Zero tyre in race compund on a car like Nissan GTR or Impreza or Lancer Evo, drive a bit on race track or on gravel and you'll bke how long they last Grip is always a compromise further down the list.

reviews specialized mountain bike tire

Bike tyres, especially gravity tyres, are designed for grip grip grip and then durability. Log in Create mojntain. Blog Menu. Below are main things to look at: Front fork travel Rear travel If any. A rigid fork makes handling more precise. XC suspension forks rely on an air spring to boot repair sacramento the weight down. The fork will generally have between mm and mm of travel. TRAIL BIKES A trail fork will be heavier and burlier with fork stanchions legs between 34mm and 36mm to increase stiffness and steering precision when a rider is plowing through rough stuff at speed.

Bikf trail bike diamondback mason pro 2017 will be between mm and mm of travel in order vike handle more reviwws terrain, bigger drops and jumping. A trail fork will generally have an air spring specialized mountain bike tire reviews there are some coil spring specialized mountain bike tire reviews available.

Coil sprung forks tend to be heavier. A trail fork will have a fork lockout and may have travel adjustment to lower the front of the fork when climbing.

Efficiency is the name of the game for a regular bikes.

News:Apr 14, - If rugged trails are in your sights, than a mountain bike might be best. Conventional road bikes feature a lightweight frame, skinny tires, a narrow seat, and drop Fitness bikes might be a good choice for those who simply want to burn calories or improve . Specialized is based in Morgan Hill, Calif.

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