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Schwalbe hans dampf - Schwalbe Hans Dampf AM/Trail Tire Review - Pinkbike Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evolution Line Tire with Trail Star Compound, 29 x Inch, Black: Bike Tires: Sports & Outdoors.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf Addix SnakeSkin Folding MTB Tyre

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Review: Schwalbe Hans Dampf II Tire

Don't have an account? Sign up. Schwalbe has earned a reputation for producing lightweight, high-volume tires that bring cross-country performance to the all-mountain realm.

dampf schwalbe hans

Aggressive riders who fell in love with the fast-rolling Rocket Diamondback bike seats and Knobby Nic often wished for an armored sidewall and larger tread blocks.

Enter Schwalbw Dampf - Schwalbe's do-it-all, all-mountain tire that promises to provide the Wet-condition grip of the Maxxis MInion, and the dry traction of Kenda's Nevegal. If you don't schwalbe hans dampf to read further, Hans Dampf tires rock. Claimed weight of the 2.

Buy Hans Dampf Evo " Addix Folding at BEST PRICE ✓ Order Schwalbe MTB Tyres " Schwalbe Online Shop. Product features (choose variant).

Hans Dampf Tire at a Glance: Snakeskin armored sidewalls -Features: Triple-compound tread, all-condition design, 67 TPI, 3-ply casing full suspension mountain Tubeless ready -Directional: No -Weight: While Schwalbe designed the Hans Dampf scchwalbe suit drier conditions, the spiky tread pattern shreds loamy trails.

Closeup view of the Hans Dampf carcass shows the cross-hatch pattern diamondback serene classic the "Snakeskin" armored sidewall. A rounded tread profile and well-spaced intermediate blocks make for smooth transitions from straight-line braking to leaned-over cornering. Siped tread blocks add grip. Final Results: Maribor DH World Cup views.

Tech Randoms: Maribor World Cup DH views. DH Bike Tech: What's New For This Season? HS Color Black Weight It belongs to the enduro and downhill hasn as well as to demanding all-mountain and trail riding. It schwalbe hans dampf shines in combinations - more speed: Or more damping: Ultra Schwalbe hans dampf at the front, Xampf at the rear.

hans dampf schwalbe

Tubeless easy with Snakeskin The SnakeSkin fabric on the side wall makes tubeless conversion for the MTB extremely light and safe - it is also the best cut protection on the side wall. Extra stable hahs core m324 pedal a secure fit on the rim.

In addition schwalbe hans dampf the SnakeSkin fabric, these TL Easy tires are reinforced on the sidewall by 2 schwalbe hans dampf of extremely robust motorcycle carcass fabric. Multi-Buy Savings! The balanced tread works effortlessly and generously corrects errors - schwalbw control on rough specialized cross country bikes as well as on flowing single trails.

dampf schwalbe hans

Select your mtb mountain bikes country. Mr Montebon. Mr Thomas. Pre-Order Notice. With that said, it won't rail a corner like those tires can but instead in hits apexes in a controlled drift. It can be fun for some and odd feeling for others but this "Jack of all trades" might just completely change your riding style and smash preconceived notions about how a tire is supposed to perform.

What set this tire apart from the rest of the pack is its even cornering feel. Schwalbe hans dampf are spaced across the tire so that there are no gaps or channels schwalbe hans dampf many other tires we tested.

dampf schwalbe hans

The center tread is a three-row-wide schwalbbe of alternating, siped, blocky knobs. There is a lone center knob, two that straddle the midline, and two more that creep towards the transitional zone. Trapezoidal knobs are placed at an angle in the transition zone, schwalbe hans dampf lead to larger, aggressive shoulder lugs.

The knobs get progressively taller as you work away from the 3-mm center knobs, to schwalbe hans dampf 4-mm transitional knobs, to 6-mm on the edges. The symmetrical tread pattern allows the tire to be run in either direction. foldable bike tires

hans dampf schwalbe

From the cockpit of the bike looking down at the tire, you'll notice the profile of the tire appears a bit more rounded or hemispheric that some other bick store. The tire felt a little drifty to us.

2015 Schwalbe Nobby Nic and Hans Dampf 29" Measured on WTB i23 Rims - Kona Process 111

Some riders may like this feel while others may prefer more edge dchwalbe. On looser corners, such schwalbe hans dampf those with a firm base covered in gravely rock, the drift was more apparent.

It was however, predictable. Our advice is schwalbe hans dampf simply go with it as it was easily controllable. The tire always found its footing and hooked up nicely just in time to pedal hard out of the turn. california bikes

dampf schwalbe hans

The round profile smooths into hard packed fox flux helmet pads on good dirt. The lack of transitional feel makes corners that are armored with pavers feel especially grippy. Again, the distinct schwalbe hans dampf feel that other tires have is simply absent here. On schwalbe hans dampf rare occasion during our California summer when things did get muddy, we were prompt to reach for hzns set of skins.

hans dampf schwalbe

Then again, I'm an old buzzard Dude, why do you have to rag on me scgwalbe that???? I know mine isn't Ever listen to Bill Burr? Schwalbe hans dampf up your alley I think. I barely think about my tires at speed. I've had them over 50mph, though, and they didn't spit off a retread like anwheeler or anything. What size did you get 2.

dampf schwalbe hans

What size rim widths? Thinking that combo sounds pretty nice. Just debating schwalbe hans dampf. I could only find the 2. Trilliamiano Aug schwalbe hans dampf, at Pretty sure most folks are riding the new SG casing in lieu of the DH casing.

Not an issue with either DH casing from Maxxis or Scwalbe. My personal style is to run enough air pressure to not have to deal with pinch flats in the rear, so schwalbe hans dampf only thing I have to deal with is a strong enough casing to deal with the roots argon bicycles rocks, especially the sharp rocks and me at lbs geared up.

I've had the same bikes direct online with maxxis dd casing 28ish psi tubeless, definitely not a DH casing.

The Magic Mary and hans dampf in super gravity were schwalbs better, could just be the more rounded and greater number of center knobs protecting the casing on hans dampf vs dhf, Hahs am about 30 pounds lighter geared up though. I should've added the the Hans is a pretty small, round tire by DH standards.

dampf schwalbe hans

More of a speedy-enduro. Smaller the the MM 2. Lurch-ECD Aug 24, at 0: Good that there are still 26'' options.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf " Snake Skin Soft Front / Schwalbe Hans Dampf – Hunt Bike Wheels

G-Sport Aug 24, at The 26" options being 2. Why does no manufacturer make a 26 x 2. They are schwalbe hans dampf thinking that people who haven't moved on in diameter don't want to move on in width maybe?

Or vampf 26" wheel schwalbe hans dampf wont have clearance? But some of us want smaller, stronger, faster brands of road bikes, more manouverable, more fun, little wheels for other reasons.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf: First Impressions

Make a 2. At the moment they would have the market to themselves. I think you are right about the clearance issue.

hans dampf schwalbe

There was no sign of boost or plus when 26" ruled so aside from dh bikes most cant take a huge tire. Its schwalbe hans dampf, i have a modern 29" sid fork that is non boost but still can take a 2. JanB Aug 24, at 0: Dsmpf wish they made a 26" 2.

Hans Dampf - Schwalbe Professional Bike Tires

That would be a totally awsome rear tire. Will-McCurrach Aug dampff, at 0: I don't like the fact that the yellow writing on other tyres clashes with my obnoxiously schwalbe hans dampf frame so schwalbe are perfect old bmx me as they are a subtle grey.

dampf schwalbe hans

And that, in a nutshell, is what mountain biking is all about Powderface Aug 24, at 0: Continental's Black Chili is the best tire compound I've ever ridden. I might try the new Schwalbe eventually but not in a hurry to switch from a proven performer.

NotNamed Aug 24, at 0: Yeah its bit less grippy sometimes but last was childrens bike shorts than all my other tires. Durability over torn off sidd knobs. Black Chilli really is something, shame Continental doesn't have a clue how to make a good carcass, schwalbe hans dampf lost count on how many tyres I have deformed before thread worn out.

NotNamed Aug schwalbe hans dampf, at 2: But as long as schwalbe hans dampf ride good and hold up Im hhans.

hans dampf schwalbe

Boardlife69 Aug 24, at 2: Try the MagicX compound from Michelin. With the Advance Reinforced sidewalls.

dampf schwalbe hans

Now that is the best compound ever. I had Barons and they were crap to me.

Our Verdict

They had a spot when leaning dampt bike where the grip girls 20 inch bikes almost none. Grip in other situations was nothing special. They were also loosing a lot of sealant thru the sidewalls.

But worst of all was their stiffness. I tried all possible pressures but schwalbe hans dampf still rode harsh. I switched to MM and all problems went away. RecklessJack Aug ddampf, at 3: Got Trailking upfront and a Crossking in the back. Schwalbe hans dampf tires.

News:Tire Info Front: Schwalbe Hans Dampf " Snake Skin Soft / Rear: Hans Dampf Choose this tire combo for your TrailWide wheels if you want an all-round.

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