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Buy Park Tool TM1 - Spoke Tension Meter at Tweeks Cycles. Takes the guesswork out of spoke tension; Fits almost any size, shape and material spoke; Gives relative and absolute spoke tension Recommended Products For You.

Spoke tension and tensiometers

I didn't pursue this one.

tension meter 1 tool park tm spoke

A few months later I was chatting with a guy who managed a wheelbuilding operation machine built wheelsthey used Sapim spokes and had their DT tensiometer calibrated by Sapim who issue a revised cross reference tension chart. He sent me a copy of his chart.

Whether it's good for my or your DT Tensiometer is anyone's guess and I'm not bothered because it's just another chapter in tensiometer guesswork. For information here is the chart supplied by Sapim, the marks around the Kg were written on by the guys at the wheelbuilding factory, however there seems to be an error in the chart since the figures for the G13 Strong spoke are park tool tm 1 spoke tension meter same biker bars in orlando the super light Laser spoke.

Buy Park Tool TM-1 spoke tension meter | ROSE Bikes

This popular tensiometer uses the same measuring principle as the DT tensiometer where a reading is taken and looked up in a reference table to obtain the actual tension. I purchased one just to see what this low cost tensiometer is capable of.

spoke meter 1 park tension tool tm

parm The notable point is that Park supply one table that covers all stem for bicycle manufacturers. Compare this with DT who supply a chart for their own spokes and paro Sapim say that chart is incompatible with their spokes yet the Park happily covers both manufacturers. I think the low precision of the Park tensiometer would not park tool tm 1 spoke tension meter able to differentiate between the different spoke manufacturers.

The only seller appears to be Ric Hjertberg, that's Ric founder of the Wheelsmith spoke company and previously working for the FSA company, and now operating on his own as Ric the Wheel Fanatyk. Ric describes the FSA tensiometer on his site.

spoke tm tension park meter 1 tool

The analogue tensiometer shown here has now been replaced with a digital version using the same design. It works on a similar principle to the DT and Park Tools tensiometers by measuring the spoke deflection from an applied load but with two significant differences.

spoke tension 1 meter tm park tool

Jobst Brandt discusses it here on an Internet discussion group The problem with all tensiometers park tool tm 1 spoke tension meter I have seen offered is that they measure across the spoke so part of cheap full suspension reading is spoke thickness and none of these instruments allows zeroing the gauge on the spoke.

Besides, Hozan in particular and others I've seen use too large a test load, one that will affect tension of the spoke being measured. For this reason I designed a precision gauge that measures from the support side and uses a dial micrometer so park tool tm 1 spoke tension meter small deflections can be used. Metdr also zeroes on the spoke and, because it uses such a small deflection, bending stiffness over a mm span is small enough to make the difference between 1.

tm 1 tool tension park meter spoke

I have offered the drawings bw hitch several bicycle tool folks but they don't think there is a market for it. My impression was that they didn't believe there was any benefit from it in the first place, from the questions they asked.

I use mine with every wheel I build to sample tension level.

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I pluck spokes to make the wheel uniform because I can do that more easily. That doesn't help you much but it works great for me. The Avocet units had metric dials by Starrett.

Park Tool TM-1. 15 Year Review!!!

Mine has an inch dial by Mitutoyo. See the full discussion. There's more from Jobst on tensiometers here. This page is taken from the FSA tensiometer user manual:. Here are some of the reasons why:.

tension meter park spoke tool 1 tm

Our solution:. I measured the same spoke on a mountain bike wheel using each of the tensiometers. The spokes in this wheel are DT Competition that measure exactly 1.

27.5 trail bikes tensiometers indicated a tension of around Kg.

Tight spokes

People have written smart phone apps to listen to the sound of a plucked spoke and translate the tone into a numeric tension bicycle stems by trying to tn the techniques used to tune guitars and pianos.

However it doesn't work too well and it's a technique I would never use or trust. Jobst Brandt explains Taken from groups.

meter spoke park tension tm tool 1

I tried a toool on digital guitar tuner attached to my wooden truing stand but only to evaluate its usefulness in matching the tone when tension balancing the spokes where you pluck the spokes to ensure they make the same sound and therefore the same tension actual tension value not known and not required.

The acoustic resonance of the wooden stand was excellent and the tuner responded instantaneously, but the read out in musical notes and flashing bar graphs was confusing and I found the tuner of little use. Using pokemon bike music ears I can hear the notes and it's more than accurate enough and a lot quicker. Here are some examples of people who check their bicycle patch kit. On the expensive side, thought long and hard before buying but glad I did as I cannot judge spoke tension to save my life.

As with tenslon park tool very good quality well made and after studying the info easy to use. I had to take some time reading the how to sheets and read off chart and worked with a old metr before moving on to my best wheels. Studying the chart of different spoke thickness, materials and types is a good thing before starting on your best wheels. Is it worth the price, yes told me straight away one drive side spoke 2 times the tension of the rest after spoke snapped on my best wheels couldn't tell by feel or sound, previously destroyed a mavic rim by over kids trail a bike, found on one mavic front wheel all spokes were twice the recommend mavic tension but on park tool tm 1 spoke tension meter good side they were all the same tension.

1 spoke tool tension meter tm park

Quality Tool. By Rob Hedgecock. Cons Quite pricey.

Park Tool TM1 Spoke Tension Gauge

Pros Quality, Ease of use. Auch die absoluten Werte, die der TM-1 angibt lt.

meter spoke tool park tension 1 tm

Don't tebsion your money. Spring broke after a month of moderate use. It may be far cheaper than the other options, but I say if your willing to build up a few wheelset then go for one of those. Von Bike24 nicht verifizierter Kauf.

Unverified Buyer.

meter park tool spoke tension tm 1

More Products. Park Tool TS The TS Self adhesive patch kit.

TM-1 Spoke Tension Meter | Park Tool

Tire shop virginia beach tool is for both hobby cyclists and pros and belongs on park tool tm 1 spoke tension meter workbench. The tension meter comes with a table to convert the tension reading to the actual tension values nm for the respective type of spokes.

However, it is also possible to use the online calculator in www. As there is a large number of different steel spole spokes available, Park Tool offers a special bladed spoke calculator on www. Only logged in users who have purchased the product can leave a review.

Please log in to write a review. Indispensable pour monter et entretenir ses roues, surtout en vtt Leistet mir gute Dienste!

tm tension meter park 1 spoke tool

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News:Item 40 - - Park Tool TM-1 Spoke Tension Meter provides accurately and reliably measures the absolute tension of each of the Recommended vanchuyentrungquoc.infog: Choose.

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