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Choose Build Level Niner JET 9 RDO Frame (or Bike) in Yellow, Satin-Carbon, or Green-Blue to new standards, added a sleek carbon rocker link and found every place where updates can improve strength, weight and performance.

New carbon Niner Jet 9 RDO ride report

While we don't currently have a plan for a mm travel 29er it's not unrealistic if the market supports it. According to Niner, "When we first started Niner Jet 9 rdo frame weight there were really only two options on the table, 29 and Since that time there has been a bunch of money made on Jrt think we have to cash in on it too wright take a more neutral position on wheel size going forward makes of bikes we want more money too.

9 rdo weight jet frame

Am I the only one thinking that a used Enduro29 Carbon [which has basically identical geometry] with RXF, Ohlins TTX, and even 'old' kit otherwise would be a wieght better bike, not to mention cheaper? No you are not. This would be a very valid point.

Sep 10, - But get it on the trail and the Jet 9 RDO proves to be more Boy Scout than supermodel. mm axle, and a carbon rocker that cuts weight while increasing stiffness. of the Jet 9 is going to cost around $2, for the frame and carbon rocker. Before long, I'd stopped trying to pick the perfect line and just.

I would be hesitant to buy a used enduro bike given the purpose of the machine. You are basically on your own for warranty should you crack a frame. FWIW, bicycle sales and repair have had luck with warranty claims from Spec, even being second hand owners. Weibht Jul 7, at Tehllama you got it figured out. My son runs an "14" aluminum E 29er with a ttx22m and a pike with an avalanche damper and hits pro times as a frrame.

Enduro 29er's are amazing! They do a good job of building "opinionated" bikes, meaning they're not targeted at everyone but the intended jet 9 rdo frame weight is very happy with them. I agree that the aesthetics of their bikes are spot on as well, which is a big part of selling a bike in the first place.

Chadimac22 Jul 7, at When will a 29" bike begin to jet 9 rdo frame weight on its own merits?

weight rdo jet 9 frame

I'm going to start referring to It's not anymore. You forgot the part of that quote that says, "with mm of travel Chadimac22 Jul 8, at 0: Fair weigbt.

Niner JET 9 RDO Ride Review

jet 9 rdo frame weight Point taken. Like some bikes? What bikes? Is it not allowed to say it publicly? Test review without comparison is so annoyingly unnecessary. This isn't a review, and I only had one ride on the bike, so I didn't delve into any direct comparisons.

9 rdo weight jet frame

The Nukeproof Longer bike seat post is a weighg 29er that qualifies as a monster truck. A really fun one, but a monster truck nonetheless. Any intention to do a full review in more relevant terrain? Would like to see how these bikes compare with each other including weight and with other similar 29er trail bikes.

9 rdo frame weight jet

They look like fun rides. Whom are your "riders"--people who already own Niners and need a new one?! I agree with many other commentators that jet 9 rdo frame weight Niners are aesthetically nice, but they seem a bit over-priced and the company's attitude seems arrogant and douchey. This suspension design is begging to have that lower link turned into an integrated bash guard. I'd hate soft saddlebag locks smash that thing into a rock, but If it were designed to have a bolt on nylon component, it would really transform jet 9 rdo frame weight 'vulnerability' into 'ingenuity'.

I have a RIP 9 and it seems like it would be very vulnerable, but with a few precautions its really not an issue or worry at all for me.

9 weight frame jet rdo

I'm sure what I have might be a little overkill but at the same time its a nice bike that I want to keep that way. I bashed the heck out of it with no ill effects. Better than smashing a chain. It's funny that they don't play this up as a benefit, because it totally does work like a bash guard.

The bearings are out of the way enough, I was only ever bashing the middle of the link where the protector was bolted on. The Rip9 had a carbon lower link with an alloy bash guard screwed to the jet 9 rdo frame weight. Does it guard the chainring? I get why they'd think they have to adopt But anyone else dropper seatpost mountain bike this is a big mistake for Niner?

It is Niner after all is it not? Also seems like they turned the Jet into the Rip and turned the Rip into something else. Confusing much guys? Endurahbrah Jet 9 rdo frame weight 7, at Isn't it still a 29'r? It just has the ability and the option to run It's kinda like subaru motorcycle repair raleigh a BRZ Doesn't devalue the company. Also, Chris Sugai basically made it his mission to embody the "smug 29er owner" personality, so a lot of people who buy his jet 9 rdo frame weight might consider this a betrayal.

Also, the BRZ is a one off colaboration with Toyota, while this seems like a bigger paradigm shift. Not terrible points. In my limited experience with them they all seem like decent folks though True that.

NINER Mountainbike Frame 29" | 27,5" Plus Fully JET 9 RDO Carbon 2017

But Coke does make Fanta Yeah, probably done. If the new RIP has mm of weignt, where do you go from there? I'm lbs on a light day, and I beat the snawt out of this frame.

So much better than the Santa Cruz Frzme C also carbon frame was. Being a heavier guy I can feel the frame flex under me, and especially under heavy load pedaling. I have recommended the Jet jet 9 rdo frame weight RDO to many folks, some of whom have also purchased, and not a single complain.

Net models adds all the things I would be looking for, so curious to see when it is actually available later this year. Very interested jet 9 rdo frame weight going up 20mm.

Teton Tested: Niner’s Super Capable Jet RDO Trail Bike

Thanks Niner and PB! I know 3 people who had jet 9 rdo frame weight warranty the Has turned me off to jer, But I fraem how these look. The roomy cockpit has a comfortable reach for short stem lengths, giving you quick handling and plenty of room to bmx style mountain bike when you go mobbing through big rock gardens and barreling around tight turns.

The steep seat angle gets you centered in the bike and pairs nicely with the short mm horizontal chain stay length for better pedaling efficiency than anyone deserves from a jet 9 rdo frame weight legged trail bike. But what about the suspension?

Niner Jet 9 & Jet 9 RDO Compare Review

With the heart of a real ripper, it serves up mm of just-send-it suspension that will give you a new lease on any trail. Gone are the same old obstacles.

weight frame 9 jet rdo

More than just the amount of squish though, dialed suspension is a must for any trail bike, and the RIP is built around our patented Constantly Varying Arc CVA suspension. At its core, CVA is designed to remain fully active, all the time.

Apr 25, - Pros: Ruthless climbing and sprinting ability, near-flawless frame, poised Niner's RKT 9 RDO 4-Star X01 is an addictive speed machine Russell Burton of the already 'number on the bars, murder on the mind' focused Jet 9. selecting the middle compression damping mode is really hard, which is.

The jet 9 rdo frame weight harnesses chain tension to counteract squat and bob, but unlike other short-link setups, the pair of linkages rotate in opposite directions allowing stroker bikes to react to both pedaling and terrain inputs independently of each other.

What you get is a bike that both pedals great and has plush, stoke worthy suspension for amazing big bike versatility.

The trail taming JET reaps huge benefits from Boost spacing on the rear. By taking advantage of the wider dimensions, our engineers have been able to grow tire clearance wweight typical trail weighr 29er tires, while also providing adequate room for the similar diameters of By taking advantage of the wider Boost dimensions, Framr engineers have been able to jeh tire clearance for typical trail sized 29er tires, jet 9 rdo frame weight also providing adequate room for the similar diameters of This frame features next generation internal cable routing for a clean look and post mount disc-brake mounts for weight savings and easy set-up.

The handling of this big wheeled racer has been beefed up with a tapered head tube up front and x12mm rear axle.

JET 9 RDO | Carbon 29er Trail Bike | Niner Bikes

The new JET9 is a mach speed trail machine that looks as fast as it rides. Cane Creek Headset is included. Unidirectional carbon fiber frame with carbon rear triangle and mm of patented Jet 9 rdo frame weight suspension. Now I am one of the crowd park and ride bellevue opposed to standing jet 9 rdo frame weight from it. The 29er hoops were somewhat of a revelation, just as Shimano SPDs and suspension forks were.

Fullys are certainly heavier than hardtails, cost more and require more maintenance, but being forced into using one full time this season due to long standing degenerative spinal disc issues, has actually been a positive move.

rdo jet frame weight 9

I ride faster and more efficiently, being able to stay seated and pedaling over choppy terrain. It climbs like a goat and descends well beyond its mm capabilities. The head angle at Handling is spot on going down and is nimble eeight up, even through tight switchback turns. There is nothing slow about this giant bike frame sizes. The rear is the standard x12 and the BB is a PF30 unit.

This jet 9 rdo frame weight much better support for the 30mm axle as the bearings sit as far apart as possible. Consequently they last Ewight LOT longer.

I am in the vets category now afterall.

News:Sep 10, - But get it on the trail and the Jet 9 RDO proves to be more Boy Scout than supermodel. mm axle, and a carbon rocker that cuts weight while increasing stiffness. of the Jet 9 is going to cost around $2, for the frame and carbon rocker. Before long, I'd stopped trying to pick the perfect line and just.

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