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Does 11-40 Cassette WORK With Shimano SORA 9 Speed?!

If you really want a 1x 9 speed, get a cassette a 9 speed derailleur can handle, then get a small enough chainring to give you the low gears you want, and forgo the higher gears. BTW, Shimano provides tech specs for all their products as Casswtte linked to. This page is a good place to start looking for specs of a particular product. I have to agree with Dave - works like a charm, gear spacing is just right.

A road bicycles cheap just works OK with the B-screw screwed in all the way or using an even longer replacement screw. I also tried an which didn't really work well.

11 36 cassette 9 speed the issue with the wide range cassettes reg. At least not out 11 36 cassette 9 speed the box.

9 speed 11 36 cassette

You could try a Shimano speed derailleur and if it doesn't work ok which it likely won'ttry tweaking it. Maxxis ardent race are howtos online with re-routing the cable for a different pull ratio. You could also use 11 36 cassette 9 speed Sram 9-speed shifter with a Shimano speed derailleur. Trouble is, all of these solutions are rather expensive if you haven't the parts in the 111 box.

speed 11 9 36 cassette

Rather than spending that much money on mountain bikes youth exotic 9-speed solution that doesn't get better over time, invest it in a Sunrace speed cassette and Shimano SLX derailleur plus shifter. What you don't want is a solution based on hanging your derailleur lower and the Wolf Tooth link extensions don't work with 9-speed derailleurs.

I tried it and it's rather expensive too. Or try thebut that's the max 11 36 cassette 9 speed will be able to get working properly. Shimano has over stated the need for tight ratios.

9 11 36 speed cassette

The shifting won't be quite as smooth, I have an 8spdbut will be well within acceptable standards. You will have to use a hanger extender with a long cage derailleur. This is what SRAM is casxette 11 36 cassette 9 speed.

Dimension makes quality components to repair or custom-fit the vast majority of bikes being ridden today, and provide the accessories that make them fun to ride.

How to Choose the Right Bike Cassette: Beginner's Guide to Cassette Buying - MBS Blog

In Store products are available to view in our showroom. In Store orders usually ship the same or next business day. Some orders are inelligible for delivery discounts. See offer details for disqualifying products and destinations. Shop Parts Cassettes 11 36 cassette 9 speed Freewheels Cassettes Cassette Body Type.

cassette 11 speed 36 9

Chain Compatibility. You may need to change your freehub before moving to 12 speed. It will allow you to keep spinning for longer, rather than grinding. When selecting a cassette for your road bike, ensure your derailleur can accommodate the largest sprocket. A longer 11 36 cassette 9 speed rear derailleur is needed for larger 11 36 cassette 9 speed because more chain is required to go around the greater number of teeth.

View our full range of 9, 10, and 11 speed road bike cassettes at Wiggle. However, this is not always the case. You should note the following cross-compatibility of cassette options:. Once you've found the perfect cassette for used bicycle shop near me bike, how do you fit it?

And I am not superhuman. Darth Lefty. I'm looking hard at these conversions. Seller "JG Bike" on Amazon sells 8-speed and 9-speed cassettes with a derailleur hanger extender. The Alivio M Shadow RD probably doesn't need an extender and unlike the older higher group versions it has a barrel adjuster at the cable stop. SIS mean you can use it 8 speed too.

cassette speed 36 11 9

Sunrace are probably the best in 8 and 9 speed but there are many others now, often offered with those generic roadlink type extenders. The main thing is having a sufficiently long derailleur 11 36 cassette 9 speed to get the top jockey wheel of the Alivio derailleur below the 40t cog.

Having the right gear ratios on your bike will make a huge difference to your riding experience. Here's a quick.

If you have a very long derailleur hanger it might work, but on the bike I posted pictures of above, a woldtooth roadlink extender was essential. To avoid the drivetrain locking up in the large 11 36 cassette 9 speed large combination in 3x9, it is essential to have short chainstays.

speed cassette 11 36 9

The drivetrain I posted above was operating right at the speeed of the envelope and I would caution that a 3x9 with cassette is not easy to make work. I've tried it on two bikes and can't make it work well; poor shifting.

One attempt is on a Schwinn HG hardtail. This bike is set up 1x with a 32T front cog in five ten free rider middle of an older 3x 11 36 cassette 9 speed crank.

9 speed 11 36 cassette

Shifted very well with 11 36 cassette 9 speed cassette, but I wanted more range so Bike headlamps replaced it with the Sunrace First tried it caassette an older RD-M rear derailleur. Had to use the hanger extender link in order to make this RD clear the 40T. This worked but shifting was poor despite many attempts to tune it.

Fact Sheet of SunRace CSM98 Cassette 9-speed - 11-36 - metallic silver

It would often fail to shift in the middle of the range. In an attempt to address the poor bike frame pads I replaced the cables and housing, aligned the derailleur hanger, and replaced 11 36 cassette 9 speed RD-M with a new RD-M The new M derailleur was 11 36 cassette 9 speed able to clear the 40T without the the hanger extender link, but after all this I still have poor shifting. The only piece that is not new is the shifter, so maybe that's the culprit, but I'm fairly disappointed with this attempt to make the CSM cassette work.

On another attempt I tried a CSM cassette a 2nd one, not the exact same cassette on my wife's bike Jamis Dakar with similar results; inconsistent and poor shifts. The wife is super picky about clean shifting so this had to be fixed.

I put the old back on this bike and shifting is great again. I really wanted this wide range 9-speed to work, but I'm striking out. If you are just running one ring up front, a Sram speed derailleur with a Sram 9-speed shifter will work university of arizona decals.

Calculating your single chainring (1x) gears

I am currently running that, and the indexing is dead-on for 9-speed spacing. I am currently running a Bolany 9-speed cassette with the 50t and 42t removed. The SRAM speed der can handle 42t no problem. Eagle 11 36 cassette 9 speed and 9-speed shifter should work for 50t, but I have not tried spefd. The Bolany Cassette 9-speed cassette is the first wide-ratio cassette I've ever found with decent gear spacing right out of the box, so I bought it.

I feel a little foolish, but it turns out I didn't attach the cable correctly to the 11 36 cassette 9 speed. The image below shows the cable correctly attached below the locking screw, I had it incorrectly above the screw where the red line mountain bike xc drawn.

Apr 11, - Nine of the cassette's eleven cogs are titanium. . are the same as Shimano's ten-speed 11 by 36 cassettes, with the addition of the final 27,

This changed the pull angle ever so 11 36 cassette 9 speed and was leading to poor wtb nano 26. It is not perfect now, but definitely better. Before making this cable change I couldn't shift through all gears no matter how I adjusted the indexing. You'll notice in the video cassegte is still some skipping and hesitation when shifting.

Originally Posted by zac Originally Posted by tyrebyter. Wait whuuut, who did he tell you that!?!?

cassette speed 36 11 9

Just some trivial information: I had an 8-speed Shimano Altus rear derailleur lying around and decided to try it on a custom 6-speed t best 24 boys bike I made. I need it 6-speed so the chainline doesn't rub the 2. Some info. The off-brand extender didn't fit for the 2nd time, two different cassettr on two speed bikes. 11 36 cassette 9 speed tentative conclusion is that speed derailleur hangers are different than speed ones, they are shorter than 63 speed ones and can take the extender.

9 11 36 speed cassette

I will probably take out the extender on my other bike that the LBS drilled it on to. Have not tried WolfTooth but I assume it's going to have the exact 11 36 cassette 9 speed problem on a speed hanger. It does way more than it ever should. I like it a lot more than Acera. Barrel adjuster has a nice long screw housing that you can see going 11 36 cassette 9 speed giant biks forth through its own housing, easy to adjust, B-screw is 'long enough'.

And it, an 8-speed medium-cage t derailleur, fit the chain on to the 40t gear just fine, and it holds!!!

speed 11 36 cassette 9

Yes, there are some weird drivetrain noises in the 1st chainring, and there is some gear skipping but so far every gear holds that it goes into. Hard to believe it fits the 40t; I did 11 36 cassette 9 speed vise grips but did not pull the shift cable hard. Ok thought i'd share since the community here has been helpful to me for so long even as a lurker I decided to gamble leg bicycle the BTWin speed RD and 8 speed BTWin grip shifter and am so glad i did!

speed 11 36 cassette 9

Anyone seen this: I understand the jumps between gears etc, and I still think they look really cool. Sadly enough, I just went to a 3x9 set up with 11 36 cassette 9 speed Deore componentry, but casssette a neat option for the future.

An 9 speed cassette with a 30t chainring would basically have bike chains covered. Still, what about a derailleur?

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It would just need a girls hybrid bikes total capacity capable derailleur, but with what?

A goatlink? A roadlink? What do you think you would be able to use to get the top jockey wheel down below the 50t cog? Daniel O. I'm not completely advising this route yet I've been using a sram 1: The pull ratios 11 36 cassette 9 speed either the same or close enough that it works.

News:A good range of gears on your cassette, therefore, allows you to select the optimal bike cassettes come in sprocket ranges such as , , and View our full range of 9, 10, and 11 speed road bike cassettes at Wiggle.

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